The Habanero Chili Challenge! ~ Joeys World Tour is a privated food challenge uploaded on JoeysWorldTour. It is one of the classic-era food challenges in Joey's kitchen.

Description Edit

(Original Needed)

Plot Edit

The video starts off with Joey introducing the Habanero Challenge, but he's confident he'll succeed since he has "mexican blood running through these veins". After further boasting and giving a shout-out to "Mr. G", who challenged Joey, he asks the viewers to subscribe and begins the challenge. The video slowly ramps up in intensity, with Joey trying to deny the heat of the habaneros, while his friends urge him to continue forward. At 2m, Joey does his first cough, and this marks the downfall of his challenge attempt. From here, he succumbs to the heat, gagging out spit and a chewed half-chunk of habanero. Now in a state of chili-panic, Joey slams his elbow onto the table and reaches for a bottle of Nesquik at his side. Unfortunately for him, the milk isn't enough to subside his heat-coughs, and he spits a rather large amount of Nesquik onto the camera man and the table. In a desperate attempt to ease his suffering, Joey hobbles up to a nearby sink and ladles the stream of water into his mouth in a rather sensual manner. With tears in his eyes and Nesquik still left on his chin, Joey admits defeat, "Fail. The habanero challenge, beat me. *spits* Tune in next week, when I try something else, thanks guys. *coughs*"