Powdered Doughnuts Food Challenge! Joey's World Tour is the fourth video ever uploaded on JoeysWorldTour. It's also Joey's first surviving food challenge, making it an important part of Joey history. On top of this, it's set in Joey's kitchen, placing it in the classic-era of food challenges.


Food Challenge: Mini Powdered Doughnuts Challenge.

There are enough Hostess® Donettes made each year to wrap around the Earth three times. We can't literally prove this since Donettes lack the ability to link up and hover on the outermost layer of the atmosphere. So we're relying on a simple math equation for now.

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Plot Edit

The video begins with Joey introducing his viewers to the challenge, while asking them to subscribe. Even though Joey's given 5 minutes for completion, he says he'll claim a new world record by doing it in 4. The camera man counts down from 5, and the challenge begins. Joey seems to have minimal difficulty consuming the doughnuts, frequently making jokes with the voice and the cameraman while asking how much time he has remaining. At 2m56s, Joey decides he's going to try a new approach, right before shoving all but 1 of the remaining doughnuts into his mouth. With victory clearly within Joey's reach, the voice remarks, "This is gonna be his first challenge win!" In response, Joey looks to the side and exclaims, "That's right man, I'm an Olympic champion!" Despite some difficulty swallowing, Joey is able to polish off the final doughnut, completing the Powdered Doughnut Challenge in 3 1/2 minutes. Joey and Co. rejoice, while Joey challenges his viewers to try the challenge out themselves. As the video ends, Joey previews his next challenge to the audience, "I'm gonna take 10 firecrackers, and light them up on my crotch. Anyways, I'll see y'all next week!"