The Nutella Food Challenge.."Hands Free!" is a JoeysWorldTour food challenge. It's his most viewed video of all time, standing at over 760,000 views.


Joey attempts to eat a jar of Nutella, Hands free in 3 minutes! WOoOO! WOooO! WOoOO! Written/Filmed/Edited by Joey

The description was later updated in 2016 to feature a warning: "Scenes of Gluttony, Nutella and Nausea are depicted-Viewer Discretion is Advised!". The video was also updated with a new thumbnail.


It begins with Joey introducing himself and the challenge he is going to take on. He starts eating it and making noises while throughout the video.He continues until he goes "BAH!" And then starts coughing, gagging, then gives up, resulting in failure. Then Joey does his outro.


  • This is one of two food challenges to not have been made private by Joey, the other being "Powdered Doughnuts Food Challenge! Joey's World Tour". However, it is worth noting that it was unlisted along with the other videos at one point, but it was later reinstated along with an updated thumbnail and description. Joey likely did this due to the Nutella challenge being the most popular and most frequently reuploaded of his food challenge videos.

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