This is a list of videos posted on the Youtube channel JoeysWorldTour (Youtube).

Dates are listed as Year/Month/Day. Dates link to videos on Youtube.

Episode Types Edit

  • Review: Joey reviews a food. Usually identified as "Joey's Super Kool Food Reviews".
  • Challenge: Joey does a challenge, usually involving food.
  • Vlog: Joey talking about various subjects. Usually titled "Vlogging with Joey".
  • Cooking: Joey demontrates how to cook something. Usually titled "Cooking with Joey".
  • Other: Videos that don't fit into any other categories. Includes Joey's travels to various locations and random stuff.

Intro Types Edit

  • Red Laser: The first (but short-lived) regular intro. Red lasers shine in various directions while the text rotates.
    • Text: Joey's Presents Joey's Super Kool Food Reviews
  • Guitar Spin: A man wearing jeans, an untucked shirt, and a trilby hat plays guitar as the "camera" spins around him, while stars orbit him and various words fly around a yellow background.
    • Text: The main text at the end of the intro is "Joey's World Tour". The text flying in the background includes "Food Challenges, Chubby Bunny" and "Food Reviews, Pizza, Hamburgers".
  • One-time: Various intros used only once. Text for each intro is shown in the table below.
Title Upload Date Type Time Views Intro Fun Facts
A Cannery Row Seagull 2011/02/06 Other 1:47 None Joey's first video!
HOW TO MAKE TACOS 2011/06/11 Cooking 2:15 None First cooking video (not yet called "Cooking with Joey")
How to Make Rice Krispie Treats! 2011/07/05 Cooking 10:49 None
Powdered Doughnuts Food Challenge! Joey's World Tour 2012/07/18 Challenge 5:06 None First of two surviving food challenges (the others have been set as private)
Lake Cunningham Skatepark: EPIC COOL BMX BIKE FLIP! 2012/07/28 Other 4:41 None
California Mission: SAN JUAN BAUTISTA! 2012/08/03 Other 3:24 None
The Nutella Food Challenge.."Hands Free!" ~ Joeys World Tour 2012/09/06 Challenge 5:08 None The most viewed video on the channel with nearly half a million views. Second of two surviving food challenges after the others were set to private.
The Water Bottle Method For Separating Egg Yolks From Egg Whites! 2012/09/21 Cooking 2:05 None
The Typewriter!...Jerry Lewis #1 2012/11/01 Other 1:51 One-time: "Jerry Lewis' The Typewriter... A Tribute by Joey's World Tour!"
How To Make Homemade Mexican Salsa! 2013/01/25 Cooking 16:18 None
What a Wonderful World! 2013/01/25 Other 4:15 None
KFC Boneless Chicken REVIEWED! 2013/04/14 Review 5:27 None Joey's first food review. This is where it all began!

First appearance of catchphrase "I'm back" (3:24).

Shoutout to Dawhiteboy503.

PIZZA HUT'S Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza REVIEWED! 2013/04/15 Review 4:22 None
WENDY'S Flatbread Grilled Chicken REVIEWED! 2013/04/16 Review 5:07 None
In-N-Out Burger vs. Five Guys Burgers REVIEWED! #10 2013/04/18 Review 5:29 One time: "In-N-Out Burger Vs Five Guys. Joey's Super Kool Food Reviews. Subscribe" First review titled "Joey's Super Kool Food Reviews"
Burger King Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger REVIEWED! 2013/04/22 Review 5:41 Red Laser First time "I'm back" said at the beginning of the video (0:13)

Outro with flying arrows and photos.

Burger King's Pina Colada Smoothie REVIEWED! 2013/04/23 Review 5:35 Red laser Joey drinks alcohol on camera. "Don't drink and drive."

Joey sings: "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)", "I'm in Hawaii," "This is the moment I've waited for".


Burger King's Chipotle Whopper REVIEWED? 2013/04/25 Review 6:35 Guitar Spin Joey gets served the wrong sandwich. Might be the first time he calls viewers "gang".
Little Ceasars DEEP! DEEP! DISH PIZZA REVIEWED! 2013/04/27 Review 2:48 Guitar Spin Joey has a camera person rather than using a tripod.

Might be first appearance of "good vittles."

CARL'S JR. Jim Beam Bourbon Burger REVIEWED! 2013/04/29 Review 5:40 Guitar Spin
Panda Express' SAMURAI SURF & TURF REVIEWED! 2013/05/02 Review 7:02 Guitar Spin Begins with a shoutout to Daym Drops. Joey says "Thank you for your support and advice. You're the man."
Arby's KING'S HAWAIIAN ROAST BEEF & SWISS REVIEWED! 2013/05/06 Review 6:46 Guitar Spin Joey sings: "Viva, Las Vegas", "Hawaii USA"

Joey shouts out to his haters. "You guys keep me going. I can always lose weight, but you'll always be ugly."

Mcdonald's EGG WHITE DELIGHT MCMUFFIN REVIEWED! 2013/05/06 Review 8:52 Guitar Spin "Queso, that's cheese in...Spanish."

Joey rants about McDonald's. "Everybody else is on their game, and McDonald's is like trying to play catch-up." Joey tells McDonald's they should sell breakfast all day. "Come on, McDonald's. Come on!"

"I'm all about getting healthier and stuff."

Jack In The Box Pizza Bites REVIEWED 2013/05/08 Review 6:10 Guitar Spin
Jack In The Box's JUMBO BREAKFAST PLATTER REVIEWED! 2013/05/11 Review 3:44 Guitar Spin
Carl's Jr. Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausage Breakfast Sandwich REVIEWED! 2013/05/13 Review 7:03 Guitar Spin
 Wendy's Bacon & Blue On Brioche REVIEW! 2015/02/03 Review 6:01 Logo & Globe "Yeah I'm cool bud."