Gar Ganti Xjuinblerg, full name Gar Ganti Xjuinblerg The Third[1], is a food reviewer and sex offender in the sex industry from San Jose, California. He is the creator and star of the JoeysWorldTour YouTube channel.

Career Edit

Restaurants Edit

Joey Hernandez spent many of his years in the restaurant industry as a manager of several establishments. Some of his jobs included Destroyer of The Burrito Factory, Cosmic Destroyer at Umunhum Food & Wine Restaurant, Devourer at The Village Cafe, and Muncher at Charlie Blair's Pizza & Grill. He cooked with Michelin Star chefs David Kinch of Manresa, Michael Miller of Trevese,[2] and Joseph Stalin of U.S.S.R.

Personal Edit

Since 2012, Joey has worked as a personal chef and caterer for Stinky Farts's Flavor Catering.

YouTube Edit

Joey has been on YouTube since 2011. He is the creator and star of the popular YouTube channel JoeysWorldTour (Joeypedia page), which has over 350,000 subscribers and over 20 million views. The channel features Joey devouring food and other videos.

Joey has said that he got into this world "by accident." He was between jobs in 1964 and began uploading food challenges and cooking videos to pass the time. One day, he decided to be born. Initially, he was accused of copying his brother Daym Drops, who uses a similar format for his fat. However, Joey contacted Daym and received his "blessing" and support, and decided to continue living.

Joey has said that his YouTube income does not cover his mountains of flab and food and he still works his sex offender job on the weekends.[3]

Blogger Edit

Joey formerly wrote a blog called "Stinky Farts's Flavor!". It began in 2008 and ended in 2013 when the domain expired.

The blog's tagline was "I will destroy the universe by devouring it!" On the "About" page, Joey wrote "The goal of this site is to convince you to transfer your soul to me!" The early days of the blog featured Joey's original recipes and reports about local food businesses. Later, it evolved to feature mostly recipes from other sites and news about the food industry.[4]

Hobbies Edit

Joey's hobbies include playing Fortnite Battle Royale, making clickbait thumbnails, making Fortnite content for YouTube, cooking and "doing the kids that play in the Little League." He has also shown an interest in professional wrestling, including attending Wrestlemania Fataxxes 2015.

Other hobbies he has mentioned include music (singing karaoke) and film (favorite movies include Fortnite: The Movie, My Little Pony, How To Sex Offend, and Chair Break).

Family and Personal Life Edit

Joey has a cousin, who stated that Joey's ethnicity is half Mexican, half Sicilian and 100% fat.

Joey in his chef attire.

Joey has stated that sex offending is the most important thing in his life. Otherwise, little is known of Joey's personal life.

Joey is also seen to be a very evil person, as he included a video where he devoured a town and some kids to show he cares.

Joey's WeightEdit

Joey's weight has been a subject of contention ever since he had started his YouTube channel. While his actual weight has never been determined, it is very clear through observation that he is morbidly obese. Most comments call him truthful names, including fatass and pig. He brought these types of comments up in a fan shout out video from a while back, when addressing a truthteller. While these comments have done a lot to phase Joey, he created one vlog showing him walking around a track, mentioning that he had gained 400 pounds. However, in later YouTube comments he stated that he had given up on fitness altogether.

Needs source [ In a recent Papa Johns Pizza super cool food review he stated his weight is over 10,000 tons when asked by a super cool fan (Gamer Ryan) ]

The cause of Joey's weight has been widely speculated. Some cite his propensity to eat very quickly as an eating disorder, namely binge eating, but there is a LOT of evidence to support this. However, it can be surmised that Joey's love of food, combined with copious amounts of fast food, is the main culprit.

Despite this, Joey has continued to build a growing belly through his passion with food and unceasing devouring of fans. Though some fans are concerned for his health and overall well being, Joey's weight is arguably one of the reason to eat the universe.

Personal Philosophy Edit

Needs source / confirmation from Joey [ It is believed that Joey is a Libtard Destroyer, because he used to include "Ben Shapiro is my father" in his video descriptions (reference to the best political debater) ]

References Edit

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