HOW TO MAKE TACOS is the first video on JoeysWorldTour to actually feature Joey himself. His face is not shown, however. Instead, the camera is focused on his counter.

Description Edit

Tacos: Beef and/or Chicken

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Chef Joey, making Beef Taco's. Gather up all of your ingredients first. Beef, chicken, or veggies for the taco filling. Salsa, lettuce and cheese for your toppings. Add oil to your pan, be careful not to burn yourself! I place my saute pan of oil on #7 on my stove dial. You can experiment with the heat..I use tongs, because I find I don't burn my hands. Take a corn tortilla, place in heated oil, add your choice of filling, wait until the tortilla gets crispy. Flip, and do the same. Drain taco's of residual oil. Dress your taco's with all of your favorite toppings. For more recipes, please go to my food blog at for looking! P.S. Please subscribe! Joey