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The New Theme...

"-We definitely need more visual flair-- more pictures, better design, etc. I'll be experimenting with this but it would be great to have someone with more experience working on it. Here is a wiki for another Youtube channel you can check out for ideas--if you scroll down to the bottom there is a big list of other Youtube wikis for inspiration." ~KingBroey

Now that we're finally able to change the theme, I'd like to hear what your ideas are before we go forward! I've personally grown used to the general yellow/white color scheme on here, but everything is up for modification (aside from the name, of course). Here are a couple of ideas I have for the background and wordmark.


Don't really know about the colors tbh. I guess just whatever works or just keeping the current color scheme.


For the background, I'd really like to use a looping version of Joey's space background. I think it'd look nice.


Now for the wordmark, this is where I'd really like to hear some of your opinions. Now, since the Nutella Challenge video is what originally got me into JoeysWorldTour (I still find it funny), I feel that we could incorporate it into the wordmark in some way. My first thought was just the standard Joeypedia text, same font, but with a 3D-rendered Nutella jar next to it. Another thing I thought of recently was the same 3D Nutella jar, but cropped and the Nutella text is replaced with Joeypedia. I really feel that there is a strong correlation between Joey and Nutella; I think we could make some design like that work.

At this point it just depends on whatever you guys can decide on. I'd like to believe that I'm fairly competent with 3D and 2D graphic design, so I should be able to carry out whatever you guys decide on without much assistance. Feel free to suggest things! I'll be posting updates on how things are going with the designs and have you guys give the OK before anything goes live.

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i was thinking a globe with the word "JOEYPEDIA" adorned in front of it (similar to his logo in the intros). I can make it if you want

You can try your hand at it if you want to; I'll start working on the background.

I'M BAAACK and I have made a wordmark

I'd like to see it muchacho!


It looks alright, think you could change the color of the text to kinda match what it is now, or be more blue like the background?

i gotchu hold on


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